This site has been built with accessibility in mind. There are a few features to help with this:

Please, if you have any difficulty using this site, let us know!

Adjusting your text size

This website, like all well-designed sites, uses the text size defined in your browser. This means you can set it to whatever size is most convenient for you. This is very easy in almost all browsers.

In case you do not know how to do that in your browser, this page gives assistance.

If you come across a site which ignores your browser settings, and as a result is awkward for you to read, I strongly recommend you complain to the owner/webmaster of the site. He or she ought to know better.

If you are using another browser and do not know how to adjust your text size, please contact me. I will find out how to do it (unless the browser is very obscure) and add it to this list.

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