Shot-loaded whips

This family is defined by the conical leather tube of lead shot which comprises the core, and the lack of a rigid handle. Although, with plaited bellies, they can vie with bullwhips and stockwhips it is at the shorter, narrower end of the range where these whips predominate.

Snake whips

Four feet long plus fall and cracker giving a reach of about six-and-a-half feet, in an easily coiled and carried whip. Both 16-strand overlays. £245.

Signal whip

Quite a specific snake, traditionally with the cracker plaited into the point but here with a small lash-loop permitting easy replacement of the cracker. 16-strand overlay with a fine, 6-strand point. £235.

Horse quirt

Made in the Texas style and with 12-strand plaiting, noticeably lighter in the point than 16-strand with this type of whip as all the strands are retained between the butt and the point. £160.

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